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08 August 2008 @ 06:11 pm
Real People - David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson - And Let The World Spin Madly On
Medium: Real People
Fandom: The X-Files
Subject: David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson
Title: And Let The World Spin Madly On

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I am the guy who came out to the entire school in his senior speech and got a standing ovation for his courage.

I am the girl who kisses her girlfriend on the sidewalk and laughs at those who glare.

We are the couple who planned and studied and got a damn good lawyer and BEAT the state that wanted to take our child away.

We are the ones who took martial arts classes and carry pepper spray and are just too dangerous to gay bash.

I am the transgender person who uses the bathroom that suits me, and demands that any complaining staff explain their complaint to my face in front of the entire restaurant--and shares with my other trans friends which restaurants don't raise a stink.

I am the mother who told her lesbian daughter to invite her girlfriend over for dinner.

I am the father who punished his son for calling you a fag.

I am the preacher who told my congregation that love, not hate, is the definition of a true follower of God.

I am the girl who did not learn the meaning of "homosexual" until high school but never thought to question why two men might be kissing.

I am the woman who argues (quite loudly and vehemently) with the bigots who insist that you do not have the right to marry or raise children.

We are the high school class who agrees, unanimously, along with our teacher, that love should be all that matters.

If you agree, repost this. Do it. You don't have to be afraid. You can handle it. You're stronger than you think.

I am making a difference. Hate will not win.
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25 November 2007 @ 03:23 pm

Dont go to the official sites....dont download tv shows.....dont watch reality tv.

"save the writers...save the world"
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14 November 2007 @ 10:03 pm
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG on Private Practice. OMG is all I have. Umm yea....I need someone to rationalize this for me!!!

PS- Noami and Sam = uber hottness!!! OMG!
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30 August 2007 @ 11:48 pm
Anyone know any cool layout sites?!! PLEASE!
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09 April 2007 @ 10:24 pm
Bored....waiting for S/K from today to download and Sheree to proof my fanfic! Got this for mammothluv.

Post anything that you want here, and post it anonymously. Post a story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love. Tell me how much you love me or how much you hate me. Make sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post as many times as you'd like. Then, put this in your LJ to see what others have to say!
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20 November 2006 @ 01:13 am

You Should Be a Song Writer

You have the ability to evoke emotion, tell a story, and hook someone...

In a very small amount of words, perhaps with some deft rhyming.

Even if you can't write music, you can sure write compelling lyrics.

Lyrics so good, people will have them stuck in their heads!

this is so me!

Your Wrath Quotient: 67%

Everyone around you pretty much fears your wrath... which is probably what you want.

But just remember, there's a very thin line between fear and hate!

yes fear me! haha lol.

How You Life Your Life

You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside.

You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.

You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many aquaintences.

Some of your past dreams have disappointed you, but you don't let it get you down.

i think this is me.

You Are Elektra

There's really no superhero with more style than you.

Because who could beat being sexy assasin ninja?

Your Quirk Factor: 61%

You're so quirky, it's hard for you to tell the difference between quirky and normal.

No doubt about it, there's little about you that's "normal" or "average."

yes i am a freak and u love me for it!

You Have Your Sarcastic Moments

While you're not sarcastic at all times, you definitely have a cynical edge.

In your opinion, not all people are annoying. Some are dead!

And although you do have your genuine moments, you can't help getting your zingers in.

Some people might be a little hurt by your sarcasm, but it's more likely they think you're hilarious.

Your Wrestler Name Is...

La Femme Chaos

this made me chuckle!

ok back to studying!
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29 October 2006 @ 10:58 am
its my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
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27 October 2006 @ 12:52 pm
my b-day is in two days!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooot! excitement!!! i am going to be 19!

ok i hope it is a good day!! i usually have really shitty bdays...so cross ur fingers!!!

and hopefully by my next bday i will be in NY celebrating....o ya right...me and my head in the clouds!!!

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22 October 2006 @ 11:53 pm
wow so the earlier entry was from me being sleep deprived...not a good thing for me cuz then i freak out.....today was alright...i hated getting upa nd going to church but it wasnt that bad...me and my drama queen tendency i swear....its stupid. then hannah came over...i have been hanging out with her everyday since friday! and we are hanging out again like 4 times this week! she is my best friend!!! and its fun hanging out with her! o and a week form today is my 19th b-day!!! excitement! hopefully it is fun!!! my b-day usually suck!!!

ps- in love with this song i am listening to!
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