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01 December 2008 @ 09:29 pm
she smiled sweetly and said dont worry.  
Think of your favorite celebrity, the one who makes music sound better, movies and television brighter, the one you'd dash to the ends of the earth for if it meant you could save yourself from ever having to go a second without their magic. Then post your favorite 10-15 photos of him/her! Your favorites of your favorite.

I wander who I'll pick! hehehe. :D

1; I remember the first time I ever saw this pic; it was in the beginning of the Lisa fangirling. hahah. And I was like akjfihfiwhfuweh she is so fucking gorgeousss and her smile makes me smile and i was a goner!

2; I love this cuz she is in the middle of the street and she looks so stunning with the sun light shining the most perfect way ever and her smile is the best thing ever.

3; I love how candid this is!! She looks so beautiful. And the sunshine on her makes it like 100 times more beautiful and its just a random amazing shot.

4; I love that she is dancing! She is such a free spirit and I love it!

5; I remember seeing this for the first time and like screaming into a pillow. I died. She looks so fucking gorgeous. I cant deal!

6; I died when I saw this. Its so candid. She is just so effortlessly gorgeous.

7; Her eyes are so blue and so gorgeous. I love her hair in her face. And yea just wow.

8; I found this like two days ago on flickr and almost had a heart attack because she looks breathtaking and I just love candid pics of her sooo much!

9; She glowsssssss. I cant even deal with this pic! Its so amazing!

10; I have no words for this one!

11; She looks so stunning and she has purple on! OMG! Its too much! My fav person and my favcolor! I cant deal!

<12;</b> She has zebra print onnnnnn! And Im obsessed with zebra print!! She looks so hottt. hehe.

13; This is such a random candid. She looks soooo pretty and I love the sunglasses and its her being her. And she has matching pink boots on which you cant see but its adorable!!


15; This is like the first pic I ever saw of her. One of my very good friends Sam had it on her myspace and I was like OMG she is so gorgeous!!! And again she is wearing purple! :DDD

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Anita: md kisswasabi_girl1 on December 2nd, 2008 12:53 am (UTC)
Gorgeous! Thanks for these. :D
nicole: [le] she shine just like a starwickdstarcrunch on December 2nd, 2008 02:38 am (UTC)
Yep she is! hehe. :D